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A Look at Dog Pool Styles

Published On: Friday, October 8, 2010

The selection of dog pool styles available these days keeps growing. There are dog pools to meet the needs of all types of dogs and all kinds of dog owners. Dog pools come in many different shapes and sizes, can be made from different types of materials, come in a variety of styles, and meet the needs of all budgets. There are shallow wading dog pools, dog tubs, sprinkler dog pools, sloping dog pools, and more. Also, you can now find plastic dog pools, metal dog pools, and vinyl dog pools. Some dog pools have different options, come in different colors, and more. With all of these options, you are sure to be able to find a dog pool to best suit the needs of your dog’s size, breed and activity level.

A Look at Dog Pool Styles

Probably the most popular style of dog pools you will find are plastic dog pools. These kiddie-pool style pools are usually round or oval, with shallow sides and hold a few inches of water for your dog to splash around in or lie around in. Plastic dog pools are relatively inexpensive, durable and easy to clean. You can find plastic dog pools in various sizes. There are also options that can be chosen on some dog pools. Some plastic dog pools have sprinkler attachments, some can stay hooked up to a hose to keep a steady slow stream of fresh water flowing in, and some can have a sloping section to provide a comfortable place for your dog to lounge without being completely submerged in the water.

Another style to consider are dog tubs, which are usually metal dog pools with higher sides. These dog tubs are usually deeper, basin-style pools that can be filled with more water. Dog tubs can be used for therapy for dogs, or can even be used to wash your dog. Dog tubs can also be made of plastic, too. Dog tubs or metal dog pools are often elevated and dogs utilize a dog pool ramp to get in and out of the dog tub.

The elevated dog tubs are helpful when the dog tubs are used to wash dogs, or if the tubs are used as therapy dog pools and a human is required to be standing next to the dog to assist them with movements in the water. These elevated dog tubs are still easy for the dog to get into, due to the attached pool ramps, but they cause no undue strain on the backs of the people that need to assist the dog while in the tub.

More and more dog pool styles are available these days to meet the changing needs of dog owners. The style of pool you choose for your dog may be a personal one, but whether you choose plastic dog pools or metal dog pools, shallow dog pools or dog tubs, your dog is sure to love the opportunity to splash, play and cool off in their very own backyard sanctuary.

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