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Pet Step

Pet Step

PetSTEP® builds quality pet steps specifically designed to promote life-long joint health and to keep your dog in peak condition. The Pet Step Swimming Pool Legs Kit allows you to insert legs at the bottom of the ramp.

Dog Swimming Pool Ramp
  • Dog pool ramp to reduce pain and strain for pets
  • Unfold ramp and prop one end against pool side
  • Measures 70 by 18 inches; folds in half for storage
  • For use with the Petstep Legs Swimming Pool Kit
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$119.00* $189.95* 70 by 18 inches* 22 lbs* N/A* Yes*

Petstep Legs Swimming Pool Kit
  • Swimming pool legs kit for the PetStep Dog Swimming Pool Ramp
Sale Price Retail Price Dimensions Weight Warranty Free Shipping
$51.99* $51.99* 5 x 4 x 26 inches* 5 lbs* N/A* No*

* When you click on the "More Info" button you can read the about Pet Step equipment.

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