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Make Your Own Dog Pool

Published On: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you would like your dog to have the opportunity to enjoy playing or cooling off in a pool, but don't want to splurge and purchase a dog pool specifically for that purpose, there are a few options that you can consider so that your dog can still enjoy a splash in a pool on a warm day while you keep some money in your wallet. Although dog pools are constructed specifically with the needs of dogs in mind and are the wisest choice for cooling off your dog on hot days, there are other alternatives, such as kiddie pools and above ground pools that your dog can enjoy.

Make Your Own Dog Pool

Kiddie Pools as an Alternative
A kiddie pool is a great alternative to a dog pool, especially because most styles of dog pools resemble kiddie pools anyway. Usually the only big difference between a dog pool and a kiddie pool is the materials they are constructed of. Since kiddie pools may not be as durable as dog pools, you may not get as much long term use out of a kiddie pool as you would out of a dog pool. But, if you already have an old kiddie pool lying around the house, they can provide hours of fun and cooling for your dog with no added expense. If you plan on using a kiddie pool that you have for your dog and you still have a child that uses the pool, it is best to not have them playing in the kiddie pool together and to make sure the pool is cleaned out well between uses.

Any type of plastic pool will do when it comes to keeping your dog cool. If the plastic pool has low sides and can be filled with a few inches of water, it is a great way to turn it into a dog pool. A plastic pool is better for this than a vinyl pool, because many vinyl pools are not strong enough to withstand the sharp nails or teeth of a dog and can rip or pop. But a plastic pool is rigid and can handle the sharper items, as well as the activity level of a dog.

Give Your Dog Some Space
Another great option for making your own dog pool, rather than purchasing one, is to allow your dog to swim in above ground pools or in-ground swimming pools. These aren't truly "dog pools" but if you don't mind your dog paddling around in your in-ground or above ground pools, they will have a great time keeping cool and playing. Just make sure that if you allow your dog in these types of pools that they are good swimmers and are supervised, because these pools are much deeper and harder to get out of. Above ground pools can be especially hard to exit because they do not have gently sloping steps for the dog to walk up. If you are allowing your dog to swim in above ground pools, you may want to consider installing a dog pool ramp or dog pool steps that will make it easier for the dog to get in and out of the pool unassisted.

No matter what type of pool a dog swims in, whether they be kiddie pools, other plastic pools, in-ground swimming pools, or above ground pools, it is always important to make safety your first priority.

For additional information on dog pools or dog topics please visit our dog pool article center.

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