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Dog Pool Selections Increase, Giving Dogs More Choices

Published On: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It used to be that just any old pool or tub that would hold water would function as a great place for Fido to cool off during a warm summer afternoon [making your own dog pool article]. But many have realized the benefits of providing a dog pool for their dogs to enjoy that is geared specifically for their needs and behavior. Pools for dogs provide a safe way for dogs to stay cool when outside during the summer, offer entertainment, and provide much needed exercise, too. A dog pool can even be used as the perfect place to rehabilitate an injured dog or gently exercise an older dog. Just as there are many varieties of dogs with different needs, there can now be found a great selection of pools for dogs to meet those needs.

Dog Pool Selections Increase, Giving Dog Owners More Choices

A dog pool can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be large or small, shallow or deep, round or oval. They can even be shaped like a dog bone! Pools for dogs can also be made out of a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, aluminum, or heavyweight vinyl. Depending on what type of dog pool you are looking for and what purpose you are hoping the pool will serve, you will have quite a selection of choices when picking out a pool for your dog.

The most basic style of pools for dogs is similar to a kiddie pool. These are not the cute little blow up ones that will pop as soon as your dog accidently bites it or pops it with its sharp nails. Kiddie-style pools for dogs are made of durable materials that will withstand a bit of activity from your favorite pooch. The dog should be able to comfortably lie in the pool, roll around, splash and have some fun. Some pools for dogs are big enough to even host a neighborhood dog pool party, where a few of the neighborhood dogs can frolic in the water on a summer day, just like a bunch of kids.

There are also tub style pools that require owners to place the dog in the pool and supervise them. These types of dog pools are usually not as large in circumference as the shallow round pools, but they are deeper and have higher sides. This type of dog pool is good for rehabilitation, a good soaking, or a bath.

Some pools are sloped so that the dog can lie in the pool without totally being immersed in the water. These dog pools allow for deeper water in one section of the pool and a sloped area for the dog to lie down so that they’re partially wet and can stay cool, while not covering them completely with water.

There are many types of pools for dogs available on the market today. The type of dog pool you choose to buy will depend on several factors, including the size of your pet, their activity level, how they will use the pool and the price you are willing to spend for your dependable companion.

For additional information on dog pools or dog topics please visit our dog pool article center.

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